For Bloggers

Mark your calendar- Sepetmber 6th is the next meetup!

New to the AZ Blogger Meetup? Here are some tips:

-Request to join the Facebook group! It’s the best way to connect with your fellow bloggers before the meetup, find a ride, get last minute details, etc.

-Bring business cards! The meetup is a fantastic opportunity to network and meet with your fellow Arizona bloggers. Getting your card out there ensures that new friends can find your blog! (Don’t have business cards yet? Check out Tiny Prints! Not only do they make awesome business cards, they’re also one of our amazing sponsors for the September event!)

-Bring a notebook and a pen. Our next meetup will feature roundtables on important blogging topics- you’ll want to take notes!

-Bring a camera of some sort (iPhones count). You are a blogger, after all.

-Be sure to thank our sponsors! If you choose to write about the meetup on social media or your blog, please include links and thanks to the sponsors- they help us to make the meetups truly awesome!


Remember: EVERYONE is welcome! Our group is fairly diverse but also incredibly nice and welcoming- don’t be shy!


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